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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
2:37 pm
Updated 11/4Collapse )
So send in your comments and I'll update this entry as needed, and add further responses to the table as they come in. You don't need to be a LiveJournal user to post comments or entries, so don't be shy! -S
ps. Does anyone know how to jointly manage a community?

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, November 5th, 2004
1:21 pm
First Post!
Hurrah! I'm excited to have created what I hope will be a fairly good solution to the inevitably long email threads (that we all love) that occur whenever we're trying to organize an event. If this method doesn't work out, we can always go back to Email, word of mouth, etc. after all!

So bookmark this page, add it to your list (sorry, you have to confirm it with me - I'm not keen on random people just adding this page), whatever it takes to stay updated. And please comment!!

Take care,


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